Initial release of the software and Steam app for consumers. Time to untether.

v1.6.1 Line up of software fixes that allowed upper channels to be selected in 6Ghz. It also includes auto-start improvements for the Steam app as well as Valve Index brightness level unlock.

V1.6.2 WIFI fixes for users in Europe that includes the selection of the appropriate channels. It also includes fixes for the Steam app issue when the USB devices would disconnect during firmware update.

v1.6.3 Firmware fixes that allow battery percentage displayed to be accurate. This release also gives users the ability to select the most suitable WIFI channel for their environment.

v2.0.0 CODEC update with a new compression feature (XL Blocks). It allows for 20-30% lower bandwidth requirement, which leads to image quality improvement, and stability.

v2.0.1 This release adds support for new country codes in WIFI6e.

v2.0.2 This release fixes issues with USB devices reconnection between the nofio head and the Valve Index. It adds stability for when the Valve Index USB devices need to re-connect to the nofio head. This leads to more stability when performing tasks like restarting SteamVR, or reconnecting the Oculink cable.

2.1.0 This release updates the USB over Ethernet protocol. It transitions from RNDIS to NCM. This allows for the future proofing of the system as well as improvements in stability between the nofio USB system and latest Windows.


v2.1.1 This update aims to reduce the number of errors on the DP lanes between the nofio head and Valve Index by updating the link training mechanism. It should allow for lower level of noise on the image for the user.

v2.2.0 This release aims to remove the issue where the image would constantly get pixilated due to rate control overshoot. It leads to better continuous gameplay with less unnecessary interruptions or artifacts.

v2.2.1 This release aims to improve the performance log capturing of the nofio devices. This will help immensely with not only debugging unknown issue but also with understanding what works best for the end user.

v3.0.0 This release eliminates sudden audio drops

v4.0.0 This release eliminates sudden Red Screens