Frequently Asked Questions

What is nofio adapter for the Valve Index

The nofio adapter eliminates the cable between your Valve Index and the PC.
The connection between HMD and PC is completely transparent to existing games, software and hardware. So simply connect your existing Index cable to the base transmitter, mount the head receiver to the back strap of the headset, and your Index will appear in SteamVR as normal.

What's in the box

nofio Base
nofio Head
nofio Battery
Battery Plate
Head Plate
Battery Strap
DP to DP Cable
nofio Oculink
usb-c to usb-c
usb-c to usb-a
O rings

Setting up your nofio adapter for the valve index

Will the final index adapter product use my existing cable or a new short Oculink cable?

We will supply a custom short Oculink to Oculink cable which attaches between the nofio unit, and the Index HMD.

Will it destroy my headset?

Mounting the adapter will be non-destructive. The adapter will come with all necessary mounting attachments, and can be installed and removed without any permanent modification.

What are the WiFi specifications? Will I need my own WiFi Router

The WiFi uses 1 channel of 160MHz 2x2 MIMO on the 6GHz spectrum band.

The system includes a transmitter which is connected to the PC via DisplayPort and USB.
It uses a single point-to-point connection, and works completely independently of your home WiFi network.

Does it use any system resources on my PC?

No, the encoding, decoding, and wireless communications processes are managed entirely by the provided hardware, ensuring that your PC resources remain unaffected.

What resolution and refresh rates are supported?

We currently support complete resolution at 90Hz, with 120Hz on the horizon.

Does this only support the Valve Index ?

Yes! The nofio adapter for the Valve Index has been created specifically to support the Valve Index.

Does it require any additional software? Does that mean it could theoretically work on Linux?

At this point in time, we do not have Linux support. There may be ideas to create a Linux repository open source to port the Nofio app to Linux but right now, no plans as we are focusing on other parts of our system.

As for Index camera integration, unfortunately we will not be able to support them on this current revision of hardware. The decision to not support the Index camera's was a design choice made very early on in the nofio hardware design stages. 

Restock Plans

We are hoping to restock real soon, please keep an eye on our socials as we will announce there as soon as we restock!

Can I use my own batteries

Yes. However, there are a few important points to consider:

We do not cover damage to a user's device in the event of damage incurred during the use of a third-party power supply.

It is strongly recommended that any third-party USB-PD power source be rated for ≥30W. As indicated on the device housing, the following USB-PD voltages are accepted:

12V⎓3A, 15⎓3A, 20V⎓2.25A

It's worth noting that the device will not operate at the denoted "5V⎓3A"; the inclusion of this value is a requirement of the USB-PD specification.

What's the impact of hot-swapping batteries?

The Head unit features 2x USB ports for battery connection. To swap batteries seamlessly, connect the second battery, and disconnect the original empty one. This process takes around 20 seconds and doesn't necessitate a restart of SteamVR.

What will the range be from PC to headset? Can I play in the next room over

Our advertised supported play area is 5m x 5m. In our test area at nofio HQ we regularly play up to 10m, however with SteamVR support of 5mx5m we decided it was best to stick with the officially supported play area.

While WiFi6E is less affected by line of sight issues, there can be some interference when operating through walls. The performance will be highly dependent on the individual room characteristics and wall materials. We don't recommend this configuration as a default play space.

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