This page outlines known issues users might face with their nofio units.

Temperature Issues

  • Solid/Blinking Red LED during normal runtime:
    • Device overheating due to fan obstruction/breakage or high ambient temperature.
    • Resolution: Remove obstructions; if fan persists issue, contact support. Allow the system to cool; if overheating continues, contact support.

On/Post Boot Issues

  • Solid Red LED on boot:
    • Critical hardware error.
    • Resolution: Power off device, then on; if issue persists, capture diagnostic report, contact support.
  • Blinking Yellow LED on Head device boot:
    • Insufficient power to the device.
    • Resolution: Use Nofio battery or equivalent power source.
  • Continuous blinking blue LED after powering on devices:
    • System left OFF with PWR cable connected for long period of time (>1hr)..
    • Resolution: Hot-plug PWR cable and turn on device.

USB Devices Issues

  • Nofio USB over Ethernet failing to connect to PC:
    • PC recognizes Nofio as an unrecognised device.
    • Resolution: Restart PC; if issue persists, restart Nofio units.
  • Nofio USB over Ethernet intermittently connecting/disconnecting from PC:
    • PC detects USB devices connecting/disconnecting.
    • Resolution: Check USB cable connections; ensure proper functioning; restart units.

Running SteamVR - Normal Use Issues

  • Long duration of pixelated video:
    • Nofio Head unit wireless performance issues.
    • Resolution: Move closer, remove metal objects, restart base device; if problems persist, contact support.

Running SteamVR - Audio Issues

  • Audio drops out briefly and comes back:
    • System enters an odd audio error state and returns to normal.
    • Resolution: Audio should recover; if issue persists, restart base and head units.
  • Audio drop out and never returns:
    • System in odd audio error state (known bug).
    • Resolution: Unplug DP cable on base unit; if audio doesn't resume, restart SteamVR, Base, and Head units; if still unresolved, restart PC.

NUA (Nofio Utility App) - USB Devices Issues

  • NUA failing to detect Valve Index HMD USB devices:
    • Connection issues between Valve Index, Nofio Head unit, and PC.
    • Resolutions: Ensure Occulink cable connection; power cycle Valve Index; ensure Base unit connected to PC; power cycle Nofio Head unit

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