nofio Update #57

Hey, what's up nofio heads!

Here’s the latest on all things happening at nofio.


This will be our final update on fulfillment. By this time next week, you will all have tracking numbers and ideally, will have already received your order!

US Sea Freight:

Your orders are now in the hands of Knoxlabs! 

The Knox team is currently preparing the units for shipment, and they will soon be on their way to your doorsteps. 

Please note that you will receive updated tracking numbers*

Remaining Unfulfilled Orders:

All units are in the final stage of preparation for express air freight. 

As soon as we receive confirmation from our partner that orders are in the air, we will update you immediately. 

Please note that all remaining, unfulfilled orders are being sent air express to ensure you receive your order as fast as possible.

You can expect to receive your tracking number via the email linked to your account

Software & Engineering:

Our internal testing has confirmed the effectiveness of our WiFi country region detection fix. We are now working towards the release candidate for internal trials, followed by beta testing which is scheduled for early next week.

Additionally, our next USB bug fix will address tracking issues that occur after a power loss or USB disconnection from the base unit. This fix aims to restore tracking properly without requiring the user to perform a SteamVR reboot. Internal testing for this fix is still ongoing.

Big love, The nofio team

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