nofio Update #54

Whats up nofio heads!

Here’s the latest on all things happening at nofio.

1. Fulfilment

US Sea Freighted Orders

We empathise with your frustrations, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delays.

Currently, we're in the final stages of the handover process with our partner, Knoxlabs. 
Rest assured, we're actively working to provide you with a concrete ETA for deliveries. We're pleased to report that progress is moving smoothly, and we anticipate it to be finalised by the end of next week. As progress is made, we will update you.

Australia Sea Freighted Orders

All Australian orders have now cleared customs and are making their way to our distributor. Once the devices arrive, they will immediately be shipped to each of you.

Remaining Unfulfilled Orders

As previously mentioned, we experienced a slight delay with our supplier regarding our battery order. However, the order is now scheduled to arrive on the 25th of March. To ensure seamless delivery of your complete order and instead of sending individual batteries separately, we'll be repacking all orders requiring additional batteries and shipping them out to you at once. We're confident that this approach will streamline the process and ensure your satisfaction. Rest assured, we'll keep you updated.

2. Engineering & Software

nofio Software Release v2.0.0

We are excited to announce that v2.0.0 is expected to be released to our Beta Testers early next week. Here is what you can expect from this update:

- (Feature) Enhanced Video Quality: Nicknamed "XL-Blocks", offers higher video quality using the same bandwidth, resulting in fewer compression artifacts across most scenes. Complex scenes, in particular, exhibit noticeable improvement.

Quality Improvement at Different Refresh Rates:
- 80Hz: +19.1% improvement in video quality
- 90Hz: +21.2% improvement in video quality
- 120Hz: +28.3% (Experimental)

The nofio team

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