Fulfilment and Delivery Instructions

Whats up nofio heads!

Here is a guide on how fulfilment will work for kickstarter rewards. 

Over the next few weeks we will be creating orders for each kickstarter backer within the nofio store. You will receive an email with your pledge rewards assigned to the order. This will be sent to the email address you used to back our kickstarter. (see below for steps if you no longer have access to this email account)​

Your kickstarter order will be assigned to you and waiting in your account. You can manage order details (shipping, more add ons etc..) from your nofio store account.​ Your order will appear in your account, click 'View Addresses' to manage shipping etc..

If you have already purchased add-ons (batteries, body strap) direct from the nofio store, this kickstarter order will automatically be assigned to your account, and you can manage order details through the nofio store. (just log in as normal)​

If you do not have a nofio store account, an account will be created for you with the same email address used to send the order confirmation. Simply click the “Forgot Password” link when logging into the nofio store, and you can reset your password. 

If you have pre-ordered directly through the nofio store, you do not need to do anything you can manage your order by logging in to the nofio store and manage your order details (shipping address etc..).​

The email will come from hello@nofio.co, so please allow nofio.co domain in your spam filter, email whitelist.

We really appreciate your patience and we will continue to update you regularly as we continue to get closer and closer to getting these orders out!

The nofio team!

NOTE: If you no longer have access to the email you used to place your kickstarter pledge, please mail us at hello@nofio.co with your original email, backer name or backer number (e.g. #1545), and the new email you would like associated with your account. 

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