nofio update: Software Update & Production Progress

What’s up nofio heads!

Here's your weekly progress update.

Software Update

The team are rolling out updates to a select group of beta firmware testers to resolve reported known issues. The first beta firmware testing will look to fix the performance issues our users have been experiencing in select countries.
This will also include changes made to the nofio app to improve usability and diagnostic data capture.

Both will undergo testing over the weekend, with the aim of being released to all users early next week.

Here is a list of the current and planned firmware inclusions in the coming updates.

Firmware Inclusions:
   1    Wireless auto-selecting channels that weren't optimal for performance in the US and others fix.
   2    Better diagnostic data capture with the nofio app.

The team are working hard and actively on issues reported in our support sessions and in our discord #help-desk channel. If any of you are experiencing issues please let it be known to the team to allow us to diagnose the issue and provide a fix.


Production has not stopped and is progressing smoothly with no reported issues. 

ALL Kickstarter backers will receive their orders by the end of January.

For our pre-order customers, we will update the daily production output soon.

We are also currently working on a new and improved instruction manual as well as tutorial videos.

As always, we are super appreciative of your patience and support.

Love, the nofio team

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