nofio Update #56

Hey, what's up nofio heads!

Here’s the latest on all things happening at nofio.

We empathise with how frustrating this process has been for our customers. Despite the challenges we've faced, particularly on the fulfillment front, we're confident that we're nearing the finish line and are relieved to finally be getting these orders in your hands.

US Sea Freight:
Exciting news! Orders are currently en route to Knoxlabs HQ. We will announce once the orders arrive and provide you with an additional update.

AU Sea Freight:
Orders are expected to arrive this week! Due to the Easter Holidays, turnaround times have been slightly longer than originally expected.

Remaining Unfulfilled Orders:
We are anticipating the repacking of orders and fulfilment of customs requirements to be 100% complete very soon. We'll share an additional update on this in the coming days.

Once finalised, all orders will be sent via air express to minimise wait times.

Engineering & Software
Feedback on v2.0.0 has been fantastic. Thank you all for your invaluable input.

A special shoutout goes to our highly engaged beta users, who have been instrumental in our latest firmware updates.

Next week, our goal is to roll out a fix for WIFI country region detection. We've finally developed a permanent solution for European and Asian countries that experienced issues during the launch. We're in the final stages of testing, and if all goes well, beta updates should be complete by the week's end.

USB bugs on the head and base devices are now our main focus in the next few weeks. We have found possible fixes and should be pushing beta-updates by the end of the month. More details soon.

The nofio team

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