Engineering Update Q4 2022

What's up nofio heads!! Coming in hot with the final update of the year.

Thank you so much for all your patience and support. We are confident that this product will exceed your expectations and we can't wait for you to get your hands on our tech.

Without further ado, here is the latest update on the nofio Adapter:


Plastic Casework

Engineering Status: 95%

Prototypes: Ordered (Delivery early Jan 2023)

Remaining Work

Minor detailing of the mounting straps and interface of the head unit onto the Valve Index Head strap. Form, Fit and Function testing, balance and weight assessment and tuning. Final Production Tooling evaluation and acceptance testing.


Engineering Status: 90%

Schematic capture is complete

PCB Layout is in final review stage before proceeding to prototype.

Prototypes: Scheduled Week 2 January 2023

Remaining Work

Board bring up, Prototype testing and evaluation. Final design review, and Design for Manufacture.


Engineering Status: Complete

Nofio Battery: 12V/15V/20V@3A – 5000mAh

We evaluated a 3500mAh battery spec, and whilst it gave us a run-time pushing 2.5hrs, we have listened to feedback in the community, and have opted for a slightly larger 5000mAh battery pack which will give us well over 3hrs runtime. This comes at a slight cost of increased 60g/2oz in weight.

Supported 3rd party Specs: USB-C PD 12V/15V/20V@3A

Prototypes: Ordered (delivery late Feb 2023)

Remaining Work

Final Tooling and Manufacturing Validation and Acceptance testing, and Regulatory Compliance testing


Engineering Status: Complete

Samples: Ordered (delivery late Jan 2023)

Remaining Work

Functional Testing
Manufacturing Validation and Acceptance testing


Nofio Software: 80%

Whilst the device software is functionally complete, there are still some items remaining for smoother user experience, more robust pairing, status and error reporting. Button, LED, and Power Supervision and Boot management software needs to be migrated from our existing development platform to the final production platform.

Desktop/SteamVR drivers: 30%

SteamVR integration is at the point of “Concept Demonstrator” we have tested and confirmed minimum required functionality can be achieved, however there is still a lot of architectural and implementation work required. We have our nofio Steamworks page running and will be providing regular updates for initial product release and fixes, improvements and features in the future.

Desktop USB Drivers (windows only) have been prototyped. Whilst functional, we do have some performance and synchronisation optimisations to perform in order to achieve smooth and robust tracking. This task will take the majority of our development time until release.

Remaining Tasks

- Regulatory

- Production Validation and Production Readiness

- Testing… Lots and lots of testing

- Fulfilment


Regulatory Compliance testing is proving to exceed current estimates in terms of schedule.

As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments. We are always listening... Next update coming Jan 2023! Happy Holidays!! 

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